Would you like to discover what our innovative packaging solutions can do for your product? Then request our sample box now and experience the quality and versatility of our pouches!

Our sample box is composed with carefully selected examples of our different pouch sizes, materials and closure options. Whether you are a producer in the food industry, cosmetics, household products or other sectors, we have the perfect pouch for your specific needs.


Content of the sample box

You will receive Pouches, made of different materials which offer protection to your product. In addition, the Sample box contains 9 different sizes, from 50ml to 3,000ml, to determine which size fits best. Is the size you desire not among them, no problem, just contact us!
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Packaging solution

The sample box contains a selection of standup pouches in different measurements, materials, colours and closures. This way you can personally test the standup pouches on:

  • sizes: Does the product fit well in the standup pouch ? Is the standup pouch not too big or too small?
  • Considering: How much does the product weighing the standup pouch ? Is the standup pouch sufficiently solid to carry the product ?
  • Appearance: What does your product look like in the standup pouch ? find out which effects can be created with our sample Pouches.
  • Protection: To what extent does the standup pouch protect the product against light, air, moist and other influences?
  • Material choices: Which material best fits your product and the sustainability objectives?

With the sample box you can subsequently indicate your own preferences. You can, for instance, opt for:

  • Closures: Would you like a standup pouch with a resealable zipper, a valve or a seal?
  • Windows: Would you like a standup pouch with a window, so your customers can see your product?
  • Print: Of course we are curious what your design should look like, since of course we will realise that for you. Find out how you can put the print on the Pouch, including your name, logo and message 🙂The sample box costs only € 19.50 and will be shipped within 24 hours. You can easily order the sample box online via the form above. You will receive a confirmation and invoice as quickly as possible.

Order the sample box now and discover the advantages of standup pouches of the pouch

The advantages for you

With our pouches, not only do we offer a practical and attractive packaging solution, but also many benefits for your company. For instance a longer shelf life, easier storage and transport, improved brand visibility and more sustainable packaging options. Our pouches are also entirely adjustable using customised prints and closure options to present your product even better.

Take the first step towards improvement of your packaging strategy today. Fill in the form and soon receive your sample box, so you can see, feel and test our pouches before making a definitive choice.

At Pouch we aim to offer the best packaging solutions for your products. We look forward to cooperating with you and taking your brand to the next level, with our premium pouches. Request your sample box now and discover the possibilities!

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