Recyclable Pouch

From € 0.35 a piece

Recyclable and
sustainable materials

Fully recyclable by means of a composition of different PE mono materials. The two-layer composition is based on PE-materials, making this pouch fully recyclable under category LDPE 4.

Unique properties

Create visual attraction by means of a viewing window. A viewing window ensures that your product is optimally represented. This pouch is available in a matt, glossy and/or transparent appearance.

Proper protection with EVOH

We use PE EVOH materials for the inner layer of this pouch. EVOH is known for having better barrier resistance against oxygen, nitrogen and carbon dioxide. Excellent for flavour preservation, low oxygen permeability and maximum preservation for your product.


Fully recyclable pouches, made of innovative PE mono materials. Create a visual attraction by means of a viewing window. The EVOH layer ensures an optimal barrier resistance as a protection of and for a longer shelf life. This resealable pouch is suitable for many products and ingredients.

Pouch construction

The top layer of PE MDO is great for printing and has a matt or high-gloss surface. The entire thing can be adjusted to the goal of your product and the appearance. PE MDO provides the right rigidity to the pouch and ensures the optimal standing feature. The inner layer PE EVOH is used for high barrier properties and as a protection of the product.

Suitable for product ingredients

This type of pouch is excellently suitable for products for example, tea, Fresh food, sweets, snacks, herbs, cosmetics and (sport) supplements. This category pouches is suitable for direct contact with food products.

Highest recycling value with LDPE 4

Polyethylene film has the highest recycle value. In addition, LDPE is resistant against acids and the material has a high impact toughness (meaning that the material is very strong and well resistant to impact and hitting without breakage). This makes the material ideal for contact with foodstuffs.

UV Protection

It is less suitable for light-sensitive products, the UV-protection is not as strong regarding this choice of material. For the most optimal UV-protection, we refer to the category metallised pouches

Finishings possibilities

The possibilities are diverse; zippers, tear notch, aroma valve and Euro hole. This all ensures a better shelf life, preservation of quality, the product presentation on the shelves and the resealability


Compose your Pouch packaging

  1. Choose your ingredients
  2. Select the desired pouch materials
  3. Determine the finishing type
  4. Select options such as a zipper or Euro holes
  5. Finally determine the measurements and the desired quantity
  6. Start uploading your design
upload your design
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