Heavy Duty Pouch

From € 0.31 a piece

Suitable for all (heavy) products ingredients

This category is suitable for any desired product, specifically heavy products or large pouches, the content of which is many kilos. This category of pouches is suitable for direct contact with all food products, including oily and fat ingredients.

Pouch properties

For these pouches, materials are used that ensure that the packaging is completely scratch-proof and well resistant to wear. In this category, the choice of material is based on the physically strongest combination in terms of rigidity of the pouch and the highest attainable protective properties for your product.

PET12 layer

All pouches in this category have a PET 12 layer. This layer provides the pouch with optimal rigidity where necessary. PET 12 is considered one of the best substrate films for the highest possible scratch-resistant press quality. After all, printing takes plan on the inside of the PET 12 film.


This category is the best protection against heat and has a scratch-resistant material finishing. This pouch is used specifically for products with a weight of many kilos. In the Heavy Duty Pouches you can choose from different material options. This makes these resealable pouches suitable for all types of product ingredients.

Aroma valve

In certain ingredients gases are released that could blow up the packaging, for example in case of coffee beans. By making use of a valve products, packing can be done without degassing. This ensures the products to stay fresh. The choice for an aroma valve is possible when ordering the Heavy Duty Pouch.


In this category of pouches it is possible to opt for BOPP (mention Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene) as one of the materials. BOPP ensures an extremely strong, heat-resistant and flexible pouch that usually contains many kilos of products. Using the BOPP layer, the product is optimally protected against heavy transport for products such as pet food, grains and seeds.

Degree of recyclability

Due to the use of different materials in the construction of this pouch such as BOPP, PET12 and PE-construction layers, it is not possible to fully process them via the recycling process.

Material choices

This category provides different materials, such as:

- OPP 20 Matte // PET 12 Metallised // PE 100
- BOPP 20 // PET 12 // PE 100
- PET 12 // PET 12 Metallised // PE 100
- PET 12 // PE EVOH PE 100

Finishing possibilities

The possibilities are divers; zippers, tear notch, valve and Euro hole. This all ensures a better shelf life, preservation of quality, the product presentation on the shelves and the resealability.


Compose your Pouch packaging

  1. Choose your ingredients
  2. Select the desired pouch materials
  3. Determine the finishing type
  4. Select options such as a zipper or Euro holes
  5. Finally determine the measurements and the desired quantity
  6. Start uploading your design
upload your design
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