Pouches for Private label

As a manufacturer of private label products, you undoubtedly strive for an innovative, sustainable, and attractive packaging for your assortment. In this respect, the standup pouch, also known as a doypack, offers the perfect solution. A standup pouch is a flexible packaging that will effortlessly stand upright and is easy to open and close. This type of packaging offers numerous advantages for both you and your customers, such as:

  1. Small quantities: At Pouch factory you can order standup pouches in small print runs, starting from just 1,000 pieces. This is ideal when you wish to test, promote or adjust your products. You are free to choose your own design, size, colour, and closure for your standup pouches.
  2. Short delivery times: At Pouch factory you can rely on quick delivery times, within just 20 working days. This means that you can efficiently handle you stock management and are able to respond to the demand from your customers. You no longer need to order ahead and store large amounts of pots and labels.
  3. Sustainability: In comparison with traditional pots, a standup pouch is significantly more sustainable, because it requires more than 70% less packaging material to pack the same quantity of products. In addition, a standup pouch is lighter and more compact, which reduces both transport and storage costs. These bags also offer an excellent oxygen, moist and flavour barrier, retaining the freshness and quality of your products.
  4. Branding: A standup pouch is an excellent way to distinguish your products from the competition. With a spacious surface for printing, you can prominently show your logo, text, images and colours. Moreover you can choose a natural paper look that gives your products an artisanal and organic appearance. You also have the opportunity to add different features to your standup pouches, such as zip closures, valves, tear-off tabs and euro-holes, to enhance the user-friendliness and functionality of your products.
  5. Eco-friendliness: A standup pouch contributes to reducing the environmental impact of your packaging. At Pouch factory you can opt for recyclable or compostable materials for your standup pouches, that comply with the European sustainability standards. By choosing standup pouches, you show that you care for the environment and the future of our planet. With a standup pouch you can pack and present your products to your customers in an innovative, sustainable and attractive way. Standup pouches are suitable for various types of products, including liquids, powders, grains, snacks, cosmetics and more.

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