Pouch Packages for Chocolate

Welcome to Pouch factory, your dedicated partner for sustainable pouch packaging! We understand that the packing of chocolate plays a crucial role in the preservation of freshness, flavour and quality. Our premium pouches, also known as standup pouches or doypacks, were designed to match all your needs, from user convenience to protection against external influences. Let’s take a closer look at what our pouch packages have to offer.

Easily resealable using a zip

Our standup pouches are fitted with a handy zip, making them easily resealable. This means that your chocolate will always remain fresh and crunchy, even after the packaging has been opened. With a simple movement, you can safely close the pouch again, without any hassle with buttons or clips.

Mono Material, Excellent Protection

Our pouch packages are manufactured from mono-material, which implies that they were mad of one single type of plastic. This not only makes them sustainable, but also well resistant against harmful influences such as UV-radiation, moist and air. You can rely on your chocolate being optimally protected, which lengthens the shelf life and preserves the flavour.

Functionality and Esthetical Attractiveness

Our doypacks with zip closure combine functionality with esthetical attractiveness. They can easily be stored, filled, closed and shipped. The slim design takes up little space in your storage space and on the shelves of your shop. Besides, they are super-light, resulting in lower shipment costs. They are the perfect choice for both producers and retailers.

Sustainability in Packaging

Did you know that flexible packaging, such as pouches, require up to 75% less material than hard, inflexible packaging such as bottles and pots? This not only means a lower ecological footprint, but also less waste. If you care for sustainability, our pouch packaging is the ideal choice for your chocolate products.

At Pouch factory we have we a dedicated team of experts and ultramodern production facilities to comply with the strictest standards for quality and sustainability. We understand that packaging play a crucial role in the success of your chocolate products, which is why we aim to offer the best possible solutions.

Choose Pouch factory and enjoy premium, sustainable pouch packaging for your chocolate products. Contact us today for more information or a tailor-made quotation. Together we will work on a tasteful and sustainable future for your products.

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