A new design for your packaging

From concept to a stunning final product. At Pouchfabriek, you can customize the material of a pouch and have its design created by us! Our studio with specialized designers is fully equipped for designing pouches, making it perfect for the new look and feel of your product.

Custom packaging design by Pouchfabriek

At Pouchfabriek, we understand the importance of a perfect packaging design combined with the right choice of materials. Our expertise is recognized through the success stories of our clients. For instance, if we see that the pouch material needs to be organic, we incorporate that into the packaging design from the outset. We understand the scope of colors, enabling us to create the most beautiful expressions. Concerned about waiting one to two months for delivery? We start working on your project immediately. Typically within a few weeks, we’ll have a basic design ready for your product.

Professional design for your pouch packaging

Which design appeals most to your target audience? At Pouchfabriek, we’re here to assist you throughout the design process. From initial concepts to comprehensive visualizations, we’ll present you with a basic design consisting of three to six concepts. We’ll further develop the chosen design and translate it into your complete product line. Through visualization, we bring this design to life so you can preview how the packaging will look. Once you’re satisfied, we’ll prepare the working drawings and the print-ready design. A new product packaging design at the Pouch Factory starts from just €495!

Collaborating with an external designer?

Already hired a graphic designer? No problem! At Pouchfabriek, we’re ready to review your design and take a supportive role. We’ll check the design and provide feedback based on our expertise, focusing on aspects like alignment and fold and cut lines. With our expertise, we ensure that your design fits perfectly on the pouch. With an optional 3D visualization, we’ll show you your future packaging before making it print-ready. Contact us today to discover how we can best support you!

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