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“The Pouch fabriek stands out in communication and flexibility”

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If you say nature, you say Pure Life. And with the new sustainable packaging in particular! Pure Life was founded more than 40 years ago. The company supplies natural products, with the aim to have people live healthier lives. For instance food supplements. In December 2022, Martijn den Beste became the new owner of Pure Life. “I wanted to reach a new target group. This required a new approach in branding and marketing. Should I continue to seal our products in plastic packaging or should I change this?”

Partner for sustainable packaging

Martijn started looking for a party to assist in this. “I wanted to take the step towards our new branding in one go. That was thrilling, we had a somewhat older target group who were accustomed to our plastic packaging. How would they feel about a new packaging?”, he says. In addition to the new party being able to develop new packaging, it would be nice if they could think along. And of course it would also be nice if the understood the business. “We have products that sell well and products that do not frequently go over the counter. Many parties offered similar numbers of packaging order quantities. That was not really useful. All the more because this packaging was often offered in the same size. But not every vitamin tablet has the same size. How should I go about this?”

Flexibility during ordering

Thus, Martijn ended up with the Pouch fabriek. “They understood this issue and collaborative”, the owner contentedly explains. The Pouch fabriek created 20 unique packages for 20 different products of Pure Life. The numbers varied from 100 pieces to 2,500 pieces. But it was not just the flexibility that the Pouch fabriek offered, that pleased Martijn. “Also the human aspect was nice. After my request, I was invited instantly to have a brainstorm session at the office. There were many options: glossy, matt, paper…. Which one to choose? Not all of our products were able to resist heat and light. That was something to take account of, while also the products should be packed rigidly… It was very pleasant to experience good sparring about this.”

Sustainable packaging

During the collaboration, the Pouch fabriek also calculated how much CO₂ would be saved with the Pure Life new packaging. The result? Saving no less than 78 percent! “There was still enough room left in the plastic pots that were not utilised. So, we used an unnecessarily amount of plastic”, says Martijn. In addition to reaching a new target group, Martijn was able to work more sustainably. It has been important to Pure Life that the Pouch fabriek applies corporate social responsibility and uses sustainable solutions. “Sustainability perfectly fits the wishes of our customers and our brand experience. After all, nature is key to us, so it would be nice if we were able to make use of sustainable packaging.”


A fine end result


In the end, the exterior of the packaging was realised in paper. “That provides a sustainable look. The inner layer was metallised, to make our products well resistant to UV-radiation”, Martijn explains. A fine end result, but how does he see the future? “Of course, we will remain a customer of the Pouch fabriek”, Martijn laughs. “We have even smaller products where there is excess space in the packaging. That should be changed. The process of rebranding is quite drastic. You cannot just state: I currently short of products, because the packaging hasn’t come in yet. Communication and flexibility is very important during such collaboration. That is where the Pouch fabriek really stands out.”

All in all: a great collaboration! Are you curious how we can be of assistance? Then feel free to contact us!

All in all: a great collaboration!
Are you curious how we can be of assistance?
Then feel free to contact us!

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The Pouch fabriek stands out in communication and flexibility

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