“The look and feel of the product packaging are exactly like we envisaged”

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According to Rae, Wakuli was founded in 2019 to banish ‘bad coffee’. “The coffee farmer is the most important asset when it comes to determining a coffee flavour. Nevertheless, it appears that the hardly earn enough to make a living. Protecting themselves against climate change – the cause of many failed harvests – is often not an option. We want to change this by making coffee that does justice to the production costs and the opportunity to invest in the planet.” In addition to selling coffee, Wakuli also got the idea to market coffee sweets bars. “In view of the holidays this had to take place within a month’s time”, Rae explains. So, there was significant time pressure, yet this shouldn’t be at the expense of the quality. “Since no one had been familiarised with coffee sweets bars, it was of paramount importance for the product to look amazing. We needed 3,000 packages as soon as possible. Who could we rely on for this?”

Choosing The Pouch fabriek

Browsing Google, Rae came across different partners. She opted for the Pouch fabriek: “I saw that they used a decent price and short delivery times. There were also various options available in terms of the size of the packaging, which was essential to me: if the packaging would be too large, it would see as if it wasn’t made for the product. The bar had to have a luxurious appearance, so it should fit perfectly. The fact that the Pouch fabriek deems sustainability really important, just as we do, was an added bonus.” Rae ordered a sample pack from the Pouch fabriek, while one of the packaging sizes appeared to fit well. We discussed the basis – for example whether the packaging should be resealable – but also major details. Would Wakuli prefer round or square corners? “The Pouch fabriek had taken a look at our website and they, themselves recommended a certain finishing that would match well with the packaging of our other products. They were quite curious about our company and the new coffee sweets bar. I was pleasantly surprised that they did not only focus on what they had to do. We didn’t have to wait long to get an answer. There were moments that I woke up at night in shock and thought: I have never worked with this company. There is so much depending on this production, will it be alright? As it stood, there was no time for a sample pack.”

A fine end result

Although the time pressure was high, the Pouch fabriek was able to deliver the 3,000 packages even a few days before the deadline. “I hadn’t expected that. Really superb!”, Rae explains. “Not only because they succeeded in time, but also because the packaging looked utterly stylish. The finishing can be compared with our existing products, so the bar well fits our assortment. I was really relieved. The look and feel is exactly as we envisaged. Also nice: we now see that the coffee sweets bars sell well!” All in all: a great collaboration with a fine end result. And we will see more of each other. Rae: “Our company is growing fast. That is why new projects will come up that we require product packaging for that need to be finished quickly. Now I know that I can rely on the Pouch fabriek and will not hesitate to work together with them again!”

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