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“We always knew where we stood”

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Striving for optimal health with pure supplements. That’s the nutshell mission of start-up Motion Supplements! “Maximizing enjoyment of life begins with good health. Supplements can help with that”, says Daan Eerland from the Operations department. And one of the foundations of successful supplement sales is… an attractive pouch! 

Pouch for Supplements

Motion Supplements started its sales in 2023 with the ‘Ultimate Amino’ supplements. “This supplement is rich in amino acids and is ideal for athletes to use during training”, says Daan. To introduce this supplement to athletes, a sleek packaging was needed. The choice of packaging was quickly made. “In supplement sales, pouches are often chosen”, says Daan. “These look much sleeker than jars. Which company could help us with a beautiful pouch?” 

Reliable Partner

Motion Supplements discovered the Pouchfabriek via Google. “The design of the website immediately appealed to us. It had a sleek and personal look, exactly what we also find important in a partnership. This gave us confidence”, says Daan. “We also appreciated their commitment to the environment. They even sell organic pouches! Since we stand for pure supplements, we had a shared vision.” Motion Supplements requested a consultation, after which a first meeting was quickly arranged. Daan: “Of course it was crucial that the packaging would appeal to our target audience, but what was really important to us? Effective communication. Often, you see that dozens of emails are needed before a final product is produced. That is inefficient. We were looking for a pleasant partner who could communicate efficiently.” 

Efficient Communication

This question from Motion Supplements is well understood at the Pouchfabriek. We also attach great importance to fast and flexible communication. This starts with clear expectations from both parties. Daan notes: “From the beginning, the Pouchfabriek was very transparent and honest. Communicating via email? We could just send a message to our contact person. That was already a good start.” To create a beautiful pouch, you can have its design done by the Pouchfabriek. However, it is also possible to collaborate with an external designer. In that case, we at the Pouchfabriek are happy to act as a sparring partner. “Based on our branding, the external designer created a design. Pouchfabriek provided valuable feedback, so that the design would be optimal on the pouch. They constantly thought along with us.” 

Quick Response 

The collaboration went smoothly, which is why it didn’t stop at Motion Supplements’ ‘Ultimate Amino’ collection. Daan: “We also asked Pouchfabriek to make pouches for our ‘Whey’ collection, supplements that provide extra protein. But also the packaging of our Creatine Monohydrate supplements came about thanks to Pouchfabriek.” Did the collaboration meet expectations afterwards? “One hundred percent!”, says Daan enthusiastically. “Pouchfabriek always responded quickly. We didn’t have to wait a month for them to respond. This way, we always knew where we stood. They truly excel in communication.” In the future, we will continue to exchange messages with Motion Supplements. Daan: “We are very satisfied with the collaboration with Pouchfabriek. Since we want to launch many more supplements, our collaboration will only become more intensive. I’m already looking forward to the future packaging!” Efficient Communication

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We always knew where we stood

The Pouch fabriek stands out in communication and flexibility

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