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““The Pouchfactory was highly engaged from start to finish””

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Two sisters, one mission. Johanneke and Marrit Hagenbeek support women in the early stages of menopause through their start-up, Sorelle Supplements, offering natural supplements. To effectively market these supplements, attractive packaging was essential. How did they find themselves at the Pouchfactory, and what was their experience of the collaboration? Johanneke shares, “Our contact person clearly had a great passion for his field.”

Practical and sustainable

Menopause, according to Johanneke, is often associated with women around 50 years old. “However, symptoms can be experienced as early as your forties, such as decreased concentration, low libido, or poor sleep. Not every woman knows that these symptoms stem from a pre-menopausal phase. There’s a taboo surrounding it, and we want to break that.” To reach this target audience, the sisters wanted to use pouches as packaging for the supplements. Johanneke explains, “Women in their forties are often very active in their careers and focused on climbing the career ladder. They are frequently on the go. A jar is not practical; a pouch can easily fit in a bag and is visually more appealing.” Sustainability also played a crucial role in the packaging choice. “Our capsules are vegan, and we use natural herbs. We always make our choices with the environment in mind. A jar is not sustainable; pouches can simply be sent through the mail. However, we couldn’t find a supplier of recyclable pouches until we came across the Pouchfactory.”

High quality finish and valuable advice

The sustainable aspect wasn’t the only thing that caught Johanneke’s attention about the pouches from the Pouchfactory. “I read that they would have a high-quality finish, and compared to competitors, the Pouchfactory had a short lead time.” Johanneke was also impressed by the minimum order quantity of pouches. “It was relatively low. The Pouchfactory offered a competitive price for this. For a start-up like us, that was very appealing.” A meeting was quickly arranged, during which the specialists from the Pouchfactory brainstormed with Sorelle Supplements about the future pouch. Johanneke shares, “They had an approachable manner and came across as knowledgeable. That appealed to me.” Sorelle Supplements already had a clear vision of the future design for the pouch, which was created by an external designer. At the Pouchfactory, we acted as a sounding board. Johanneke adds, “They provided us with valuable advice, clarifying expectations between both parties. For example, our original design extended to the side of the packaging. The Pouchfactory advised us to leave a larger margin to prevent cutting losses.”

Engaged and passionate attitude

Reflecting on our collaboration, how does Johanneke feel? “The pouches are of good quality, with vibrant colors and a beautiful copper accent. The latter was a specific request from our side, and we’re glad it was achieved. We had a vision in mind of how the packaging should look, and it matches the end result.” Johanneke is also enthusiastic about the communication with the Pouchfactory. “Our contact person clearly had a great passion for his field. There was even a moment when he called us back from the ski slope. That clearly demonstrates the level of engagement.” Johanneke looks positively toward the future. “We’re soon launching an additional formula that will require pouches. For this, I will definitely turn to the Pouchfactory again.”

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“The Pouchfactory was highly engaged from start to finish”

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