Sweets & Snacks

Customers buy sweets with their eyes, so stand out of the shelf with the most attractive packaging.

  • Sustainable materials; paper, recyclable mono or bio-based plastics
  • Extremely protective against moist and UV-radiation
  • Even from 500 pieces per design and delivery within 3 to 4 weeks
  • Low ecological footprint – Sustainable materials, light-weight material, less storage space and an efficient & eco-friendly logistics process

Best protection

Your (biological) sweets and snacks are tremendously tasty, but not only a product presentation with an amazing packaging design is mouth-watering for your customers, it also incites the purchase stimulus. Sweets packed in pouches ensure high protection barriers with an excellent printing quality by means of the use of sustainable and recyclable materials.

Unique designs

It is obvious, you want your product to be purchased by as many people as possible. If you devise ways to increase the sales you would normally come up with the design of the packaging used. The possibilities in terms of designs in pouches are incredibly extensive. Finishing with matt, glossy, metallic effects or viewing windows are all possible. Of course on the basis of sustainable materials.

Ultimate protection

Pouches perfectly preserve the organoleptical properties of sweets and snacks, thanks to the high barrier against oxygen and dampness. Do you want to expand the heat and UV-protection even further, then go for a packaging with metallised layer.

Seeing is buying

A viewing window through which the customer can already see the product, is easy to realise in a pouch. By adding this, your customers can see exactly what they are buying.

Quick and flexible

Different flavours come with different packaging designs! Each of your products has a unique character and at the Pouch fabriek, we can help realising the printed material of every unique pouch design. To be realised even from 500 pieces per design, using the most advanced digital printing technology. Resealable, with a viewing window, of paper or recyclable mono plastics.


In view of maintaining the quality, sustainability and advantages during the logistic process, there are different options. These packaging types are tear and fracture-resistant to offer optimal protection for your product. The Pouch fabriek advises regarding optimal packing of sweets & snacks:

• Recyclable Pouch
• Recyclable Metallised Pouch
• Recyclable Paper Pouch
• Bio Based Pouch F

In 6 steps: The Perfect packaging

  1. Choose your ingredients
  2. Select the desired pouch materials
  3. Determine the finishing type
  4. Select options such as a zipper or Euro hole
  5. Finally determine the measurements and the desired quantity
  6. Start uploading your design
Start configuration

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