Pet food

Only the best for your pets with savagely beautiful packaging

  • Sustainable materials; paper, recyclable mono or bio-based plastics
  • Extremely protective against moist and UV-radiation
  • Even from 500 pieces per design and delivery within 3 to 4 weeks
  • From single serve to XXL pouches
  • Low ecological footprint – Sustainable materials, light-weight material, less storage space and an efficient & eco-friendly logistics process

One pouch fits all

Good news! All pet food can be packed into a pouch. Whether it concerns dried snacks, scraps or wet food. Packages of the Pouch fabriek guarantee optimal preservation of your pet food, without loss of the product quality, while it is well protected against external factors.

Different designs and promotions

Let the packaging be the connection between in-store and online. Quickly bring the online marketing strategy and campaigns to life using varying designs in the packaging of your brand. The Pouch fabriek will help you to quickly market temporary, local or seasonal campaigns.

Ultimate protection

Sustainable packaging with qualitative premium barrier properties against oxygen, moist and UV-radiation preserve the flavours of the pet food. This means that our animal friends get the full flavour and texture that you envisage. In terms of pet food multiple choices are possible when it comes to the choice of material for the pouch.

Single serve meals

Easy to take and always with you. Single serve meals are ideal for animals when they are en route with their master. Using a pouch this is quite easy to facilitate. Since pouches are a light-weight alternative for traditional packaging, such as plastic containers or big bags. This makes it easier for the master to take the pet food anywhere. Convenience and quality, after all, are of great importance to the consumer.

Benefits of a pouch for pet food

- Great visibility on the shop shelves. Your product as an eye catcher.
- Better for the environment, low ecological footprint, sustainable and fully recyclable
- Save costs and C02 during production and the logistic process
- Different measurements packaging can be chosen, as opposed to metal and glass.
-Optimised ratio between product and packaging, creating less waste.


In view of maintaining the quality, sustainability and advantages during the logistic process, there are different options. These packaging types are tear and fracture-resistant, to offer optimal protection for your product. The Pouch fabriek advises regarding optimal packing of pet food:

• Recyclable Pouch
• Recyclable Metallised Pouch
• Kraftpaper Metallised Pouch
• Heavy Duty Pouch

In 6 steps: The Perfect packaging

  1. Choose your ingredients
  2. Select the desired pouch materials
  3. Determine the finishing type
  4. Select options such as a zipper or Euro hole
  5. Finally determine the measurements and the desired quantity
  6. Start uploading your design
Start configuration

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