Herbs & Spices

Glass and plastic pots with labels are something of the past

  • Sustainable materials; paper, recyclable mono or bio-based plastics
  • Extremely protective against moist and UV-radiation
  • Even from 500 pieces per design and delivery within 3 to 4 weeks
  • Low ecological footprint – Sustainable materials, light-weight material, less storage space and an efficient & eco-friendly logistics process

Perception starts with the packaging

Customers purchase with their eyes and the perception already starts with the design of your packaging. The Pouch fabriek can be of assistance here. A sustainable and eco-friendly packaging, while your product and its flavours are retained for a long time and are well protected against moist and oxygen.

The best choice for the environment and nature

A sustainable packaging with ultimate protection by means of a pouch.
Logistics and long distances make products generate a high CO₂-emission. With a pouch as packaging this can be minimised. In comparison with other types of packaging pouches are the best option, because you make use of sustainable materials such as kraft paper, made of organic material or 100% recyclable mono plastics. The most light-weight packaging currently available. In terms of numbers, more of them will fit in a box, saving a lot of space and CO₂ on the shelves and during the logistic process.

Every packaging a unique design

It is even possible that literally every individual packaging has a unique design, by means of special software technology. To be ordered from us, of course, in small quantities, even from 500 pieces. The appearance of your packaging can be done using metallic, matt or glossy effects.

Aroma valve

With an aroma valve we ensure that your product can be smelled immediately, by clicking the valve. Ideal to instantly convince the customer of the product by means of odours without having to open the packaging.


In view of maintaining the quality, sustainability and advantages during the logistic process, there are different options. These packaging types are tear and fracture-resistant to offer optimal protection for your product. The Pouch fabriek advises regarding optimal packing of herbs and spices:

• Recyclable Pouch
• Recyclable Metallised Pouch
• Bio Based Pouch

In 6 steps: The Perfect packaging

  1. Choose your ingredients
  2. Select the desired pouch materials
  3. Determine the finishing type
  4. Select options such as a zipper or Euro hole
  5. Finally determine the measurements and the desired quantity
  6. Start uploading your design
Start configuration


The Pouch fabriek represents flexibility, quality and reliability.

We enable companies to quickly market products, with small print runs even from 1,000 pieces, completely flexibly, on the basis of own packaging design.

All the printed material is produced on the most modern digital technology, as a result of which we guarantee a perfect print quality which ensures your product to stand out on the shelves.

We must be careful with our planet. That is why the Pouch fabriek focusses on packaging concepts that contribute to sustainability and recyclability, for a better environment.

Order the desired pouches in your design by going to “upload design” or via the order page. Go through the steps by selecting the type of pouch, choice of material, finishing, measurements and numbers.

Download the working drawing on the order page and upload your design in accordance with this instruction to place your order in the basket.

Are you having trouble sorting things out, no problem, we are keen to assist you. Contact us by telephone or via email.

Set the “Settings of grid effects document” in Illustrator to 300 dpi.

In terms of design you can devise anything you like, but do take into account that printing is done in CMYK. Therefore, you should convert any spot colours and linked images to CMYK. Would you like a viewing window in your pouch, then see to a correct white formation. Trapping is not required. Contour all text to prevent font conflicts.

Save your document as a PDF printed material quality, Acrobat 5 (PDF 1.4).

We produce all packaging in Europe. The tailor-made pouches are always based on your design. The pouches are produced and shipped within 4 weeks. Does your order require more urgency, then we can also be of assistance. Contact us in case express delivery is required within 10 working days. The Pouch fabriek processes all orders from 1,000 pieces per pouch design.

On our website you can safely make your purchases via Ideal, PayPal or Bank transfer.

All packaging you receive from us, was tailor-made specifically for you. This means that orders up to 5,000 Euros must be entirely paid in advance. In case of orders that exceed 5,000 Euros, a deposit of only 50% of the order value is requested to be paid directly. The other 50% can conveniently be paid until 14 days after receipt of the shipment.

Certainly. After your order was produced, we will send you a tracking link to follow the status of your order, monitor the progress of your package and to communicate the delivery date with certainty.

No problem! If the measurements you desired are not in the order module then contact us. The Pouch fabriek is flexible in terms of desired measurements for the content of your product. By means of our modern and flexible printing technology, we are capable of adjusting the measurements to your wishes for each assignment.

In addition to numerous benefits, creating a customer account offers optimal order convenience and up-to-date information regarding the status of your order.

Order status: If you have an order outstanding with us, the status can be monitored as soon as you have logged in into your customer account.

Extensive shipping options: You can create a personal address book in your customer account, so you can have your orders delivered at any desired address.

Order history: All historic details are kept in your customer account, so orders from the past can easily be retrieved.

You can change all details of your customer account at any time, without permission. You can also delete your customer account; then your details will be entirely removed from our system.

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