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Sustainability and environmental awareness are becoming more and more important in this day and age. that is why Pouch factory has done thorough research on the impact of the raw materials of its packaging in comparison with the raw materials of other types of packaging. Pouch factory wishes to play a role in making the packaging industry more sustainable by offering packaging emitting as little as possible CO₂.

This research offers a comparison between CO₂ emission of the raw materials used for our pouches and alternative packaging materials. It showed that the production of the polyethylene for our pouches has a much lower CO₂ burden than other materials. This way, the equivalent of up to 87% kg CO₂ can be saved, by making use of PE-pouches.

KG CO2 eqv. per 500 gr verpakt materiaal



Can of 500 ml




Glass (pot)




*Voor dit onderzoek is uitgegaan van gemiddelde gewichten van verpakkingen van 500 gram. Om de betrouwbaarheid te verhogen is alleen gekeken naar de productie van de materialen. Alle andere impactsoorten (o.a. transport) zijn buiten beschouwing gelaten.

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With the Pouch factory CO₂ calculator, together with you we can inventory the CO₂ saving to be realised for your products when switching to the Pouch packaging concept.

This is all non-committal and we will be happy to do this to realise a new sustainable packaging.

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Types of plastic

The sustainable choice

Pouch factory opts for the most sustainable materials. We will pack your product the best way possible, for both our customers and the environment. We have done research on the CO₂ impact of various materials and, on the basis of this, we have chosen polyethylene pouches. This type of plastic is well recyclable, ensures solid packaging and is light-weight. In order to improve the recyclability of pouches, the use of a single type of plastic (PE) is applied as much as possible.

Reusable pouches

In a world where sustainability and environmental awareness are becoming more prominent by the day, the Pouch factory has been focussing on the development of reusable packaging solutions. Our pouches, manufactured by use of the highest quality laminated polyethylene, are designed for reuse and offer a range of benefits, exceeding those of the traditional packaging materials.

The special closure ensures that the content of the pouches can be safely stored and reused, minimising wastage. The pouches are made of high quality laminated polyethylene. This material is well recyclable and thus we intend to use no other types of synthetics in our products.

in Europe

Why go for the production
of pouches in Europe?

n a day and age where supply chain-efficiency and sustainability are essential to companies worldwide, the location of production facilities is a crucial consideration. At Pouch factory we understand that the choice for the production of pouches in Europe provide significant benefits, for our customers as well as for the environment.

We have carefully selected our suppliers and took account of various factors such as shorter transport routes, shorter delivery times and high production standards and quality. In addition, we can reduce the ecological footprint of our products even more since we use shorter transport distances than other suppliers, while the pouches can be transported very effectively. In addition, our suppliers are leaders in innovation and technological progress in the area of packaging.

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Printing technology

The sustainability of printing technology on synthetic packaging materials is an important aspect in the packaging industry, as the choice of inks, the printing processes and the design elements can affect the environment-impact of packaging.

Our digital Printing presses:

The Pouch factory produces packaging by use of the modern sustainable HP Indigo digital printing technology.
With our digital HP Indigo printing presses we offer you, as a Brand Owner, both economic and environmental advantages.

The economic advantages:

Digital printing offers quite a few economic advantages
for you as a customer.

  • Order “Just in Time” the desired print run that you need as a Brand Owner.
  • You no longer need to order unnecessarily high quantities, such as with flexo or gravure printing.
  • Order at the Pouch factory “On Demand” just what you need.
  • We print digitally and are able to save on high start-up costs of sheets and cylinders.
  • Using digital printing technology at us, with a single print run, you can combine multiple designs of the same size.
  • Our printing process is efficient, flexible and less time consuming than conventional printing technologies.

The sustainability benefits:

  • HP-printing presses ensure that the process of printing of our sustainable packaging has a lower impact on the environment than conventional printing and cause much less CO₂-emission and Global warming **(source: LCA study Earth Shift Global)
  • The entire digital printing process required consumes much less energy than other conventional printing processes.
  • With our digital printing presses, we do not need to produce sheets and cylinders for our printing process, which is also beneficial in terms of CO₂-emission.
  • On the Pouch factory printing presses, we mainly produce sustainable material constructions of recyclable mono material PE-PE film, making your packaging much better for the environment and well recyclable.
  • Pouch factory is able to print different types of materials, including paper, film, plastic and biodegradable materials. It is also possible to choose materials with special properties, such as barrier coatings, anti-static coatings or heat-resistant coatings.
  • The raw materials used at the Pouch factory, for the production of our standup pouches and pouches, can be recycled or composted, for instance our films, inks and glues.
  • With HP Indigo technology, we make use of eco-friendly water-based inks that do not contain solvents or volatile organic substance (VOC’s). Besides, you can select from a broad range of inks, including white ink, fluorescent ink and metallic ink. Our inks use much less energy than inks on the basis of solvents or UV-curing inks.
  • We will be happy to provide you with non-binding advice, to inventory the possible annual savings on CO₂ for your product packaging, by use of our CO₂ calculator.

The advantages of Stand Up Pouches as a way of packaging:

Stand-up pouches have several benefits, relative to PE-pots. A stand-up pouch
is a flexible packaging that is able to be upright. It has the following advantages:

It is important to mention that the choice between Stand-Up Pouches and PE-pots is dependent on the specific needs and requirements of the product. Each type of packaging has its own pros and cons.

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